SailGuru: Before, during and after your session

Before Sailing:
Connect your instruments

With SailGuru you will be able connect to your boat’s instruments and replay its data in every device

Before Sailing:
Download your boat’s data

Download your boat’s manufacturer data and get customized information for your own boat

While Sailing:
Design the race course

Design the race course and unlock the Time to Starting Line feature, VMG to the Mark and Time to Layline and much more!

While Sailing:
Instant performance and recommendations

Unleash the power of Machine Learning in Sailing. SailGuru understands the external conditions and gives you suggestions to better understand your boat and improve your performance – INSTANTLY.

After Sailing:
Activity report and debrief

The more you train, the more SailGuru can tell you where you and your crew could improve.

Analyzing the session data you will be able to understand where is space for improving and concentrate in those manoeuvres that take seconds from your race.

Join the community and share the knowledge!

Connect to other sailors worldwide and learn about manoeuvres, trimming, tactics and different boat setups.